-Feature and Short Screenplays, Adaptations
-Rewrites, Polishes
-Series Bibles, Pilots
-Editing, Coverage

Katherine VanPelt is an extremely well-versed and innovative screenwriter who has written for every single genre. When working on third-party material she is a model team-player that aims for storytelling excellence and high marketability. With a fast and reliable track record, she has the skills and enthusiasm to bring your concept to life. When Katherine VanPelt isn't penning original material or focusing on third-party writing assignments, she works as a Script Reader for the International Screenwriters Association.  

2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 15% for "THE INTERPRETATION"
2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 20% for "HONG KONG HOTEL"
2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist for "THE CIRCLE AND THE SWAY"
2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarter-Finalist for "THE MASTER ADVENTURER"
2015 ISA Fasttrack Competition Top 50 Scripts for "THE MASTER ADVENTURER"
2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 10% for "THE MARINER"
2012 Act One Screenplay Competition Quarter-Finalist for "WORLD OF LIGHT"​​