My specialities:

-Feature and Short Screenplays, Adaptations
-Series Bibles, Pilots
-Editing, Coverage, Polishes, Rewrites

I specialize in thought provoking subject matter and themes that challenge contemporary views of reality and the human experience. If you're looking for something original, something outrageous, or something to challenge the audience and question all we know, then I may have a script for you. 

My strengths:

-Offer detailed coverage analysis designed to encourage writers and develop material to highest potential and marketability
-Strong researching skills
-Experience in writing/reading for a number of genres and audiences
-Above average turn-around on all projects

For reference, I am a 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semi-finalist. I've written 14 original high-concept screenplays, (13 features and 1 Pilot), along with 3 shorts. When I am not penning my own original material or focusing on third-party writing assignments, I work as a Script Reader for the International Screenwriters Association.