2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist





        GENRE: One Hr Pilot/Sci-Fi/Drama
                      TIME PERIOD: Future

You’ve woken up prematurely from cryogenic sleep to find yourself in an unfamiliar place on an unknown planet, surrounded by strangers and hostile forces determined to destroy you. The year is anyone’s guess. You’re told your name but you’re a mystery even to yourself. Those you’ve managed to find are fellow survivors, and, just like you, their memories are gone. You discover you’re a tool, a pawn in a game bigger than the universe itself but you don’t know who’s pulling the strings. So what do you do?

The only thing you can: survive… and find the truth before it kills you.  
GENRE: Action/Adventure

Struggling journalist, Orek Noble, stumbles upon the story of a lifetime- one that sends him on a quest half-way around the world for answers. Sent to Venezuela to document the excavation of a mysterious Mayan city, an accident within one of the pyramids causes Orek to get a rare glimpse behind the curtain of reality, the World of Light. Desperate to understand what he saw, Orek comes to learn that the true purpose of the city is to bring about the coming of Heaven on Earth. But when the government gets involved and tries to shut it down, it's up to Orek and a handful of unlikely heroes to stop them.
GENRE: Supernatural/Crime/Fantasy​
TIME PERIOD: 1899-1900

At the dawn of London’s twentieth century, Inspector Hubert Lytton, a bitter man on the eve of forced retirement, is compelled to unravel one final case: a massacre in the night, rife with unspeakable horrors.
 The sole survivor, a boy in custody, has been sentenced to execution without trial.

Tasked with gathering a last confession, Lytton soon discovers this young man just might hold the answer to a question that has plagued his entire career. Does real magic exist? Yes, indeed it does.
 2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 10%  
 2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 20%  




          GENRE: Fantasy/Supernatural/Period
                      TIME PERIOD: 1500's

 Intent on gaining the fortune he needs to wed his true love, a young scholar named Crispin Lear hastily joins the crew of a ship only to soon find himself both prisoner and confidant of an enchanted captain who would go to no end for his vengeance.

 Caught in a dangerous game of revenge between a mad man and the god who cursed him, Crispin must rely on his wits and face his fears if he hopes to see his true love again. Fortune and glory no longer matter to Crispin. His only wish is to survive.

GENRE: Comedy/Feel Good/Heist 

 When ex-con, one-time mayor, and nursing home resident Walter Jolly learns the sheriff is keeping twelve million unlogged dollars stashed in evidence, he sees a chance to redeem himself and save his town from financial ruin. With the aid of a handful of fellow felonious seniors, Walter hatches a plan to steal the cash in order to not only save his daughter's home, but turn his impoverished town back to the gem it once was. But when the sheriff learns of the heist, it's going to take a whole town in on the crime to save the day .

    GENRE: Action/ Comedy/Crime/Assassins
                      TIME PERIOD: Present 

 When former gang lord Black Dragon returns to Tokyo to reclaim his stolen triad, the current bosses, desperate for a solution, are forced to make the call that will reactivate the infamous Tokyo Hotel for Assassins and ultimately spell doom for everyone when the world’s two most psychotic hit men are unleashed.
 In this laugh-out-loud story of mayhem, all hell will break loose as hundreds will die, the city will burn, and not even bosses will be safe.


2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarter-finalist



            GENRE: Comedy/Buddy/Vacation
                    TIME PERIOD: Present

 Fed up with their pal Charlie who's fallen prey to the clutches of post breakup despair, Ray and Danny, Charlie's best buds and business partners, stage a man-tervention and whisk him away on what's supposed to be an adventure-filled bonding trip to help him get his mojo back. But when they end up trapped in a cursed African hotel with a wild honey badger during monsoon season, their plan is forced to change: survival.


                GENRE: Comedy/Adventure
                   TIME PERIOD: 1939/WWII 

 It is the winter of 1939, and as the nations are gripped in the throes of World War II, in sunny Morocco a battle of a different sort is taking place- a competition so fierce, so dangerous, so diabolical, that few will survive.
 Held by the Royal Adventurers Society, the aim of the contest is to replace their fallen leader, Sir Walter Gambon. As his recent death has marked the end of his family’s male line, the cut throat life of adventuring is about to get worse as explorers around the globe will back-stab, scheme, and try to kill each other in a mad-cap race to become the next Master Adventurer.

                 GENRE: Action/Adventure
                     TIME PERIOD: Present

 Having spent the past few months following a string of legends surrounding The Great Civilizers, ancient figures who supposedly guided humanity after the biblical flood, Orek Noble, a struggling journalist, soon finds himself in over his head when he's recruited to embark on a globe-trotting quest to locate one of their lost technologies: the Caduceus.  
 Considered the most powerful object in the world, some are convinced this ancient tool could be the very thing that could save the world again... but as Orek will find out, some relics are meant to be forgotten.​




                 GENRE: Comedy/Workplace
                      TIME PERIOD: Present

 Katherine Simowitz, an assistant manager stuck in the torturous realm of clothing retail, is desperate to prove her life can be more meaningful than jeans and T-shirts. As an aspiring inventor, her only wish is to meet her hero, a Shopping Chanel guru who’s invention contest could be Katherine’s big break.
 But when her golden opportunity is crushed by bad timing, Katherine finally snaps when she's forced to work open to close on the darkest shopping day of the year. It's going to take a retail miracle to avoid a casualty, keep Katherine from going nuts, and make her wildest dreams come true.

GENRE: Drama/Road Trip/Buddy

 Clark Von Hoffer, the slacker son of a renowned musician, gets his whimsical life turned upside down when the discovery of a tumor gives him two options: face grueling chemo that may or may not work, or bow out while he's still pretty and kill himself.  Choosing the latter, Clark embarks on a quest to reconnect with his troubled brother, and with his help complete a slap-dash bucket list that includes tracking down their father to make peace before it's too late. In the end, what they find just might be enough to help Clark realize maybe life is worth living after all.

          GENRE: Family/Fantasy/Animation
                      TIME PERIOD: Present 

 In a fantasy England, where every child is born with a wish to redeem before their twelfth birthday, one young orphan, named Roger, wants nothing more than to wish for the parents he's always dreamed of. But when a mysterious candy store opens in town, coinciding with the disappearance of children's wishes, Roger realizes he must put aside his dreams for the greater good. 
 He'll team up with a misfit djinni named Pippa to become unlikely heroes as they stop a diabolical plot that threatens to destroy a realm and make sure no wish is ever granted again. 

2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 15%




           GENRE: Feature/Mystery/Romance
                  TIME PERIOD: Present Day

 Paloma is a high-functioning autistic with unparalleled observation skills, bored with existence because she can deduce a life story in a glance and predict any ending.  

Unfortunately this makes normal things like friendship and romance nearly impossible… until she meets her match in a master-of-disguise jewel thief who brings mystery back into her life, along with love. 
          GENRE: Suspense/Religious Thriller
                      TIME PERIOD: Present

 Helen Daltry, a devoted wife and mother, is plucked from her isolated London life and betrayed by all she has ever known when she is told she holds the key to mankind's survival in her very blood.
 Forced to walk an ancient line of wards in London's inner city designed to stall the coming of God's wrath, Helen must choose between saving a world that may not deserve to live... or destroying it. 
 GENRE: Feature/Drama/Indie​/Coming of Age
                    TIME PERIOD: Present 

 Seventeen and desperate to escape her drunken mother and the dead end life of MacArthur Park, Paloma becomes a maid at the infamous Motel Paradise, a place where fantasies go on behind every closed door.  Though she doesn't participate in the seedier side of the job, Paloma is taken under the wing of the resident transvestite, Miss Vee, a personality larger than life who sees something of herself in the young girl.  
  As Paloma navigates the trials of life, all the while trying to save enough money to leave California behind and join her estranged father in Mexico, she learns the hard way that life will never be a fairy tale. But with the help of an unlikely friendship, sometimes happy endings do come true.



                   GENRE: Horror/Comedy
                 TIME PERIOD: Present Day

When a retired B-movie horror star and dying nursing home resident named Bob says his final wish is to get laid, three young fans who work in the senior home devise a plan to take him to a Nevada brothel.
But when they discover the place is run by vampires, what's supposed to be a fun-filled adventure to get laid quickly turns into a fight for survival and a night they'll never forget.

    GENRE: Feature/Dramedy/Road Trip/Indie
                 TIME PERIOD: Present Day

 When Sandra and Paloma embark on a road trip to come clean to Sandra's parents about their lifestyle, they get more than they bargained for when a convict on the run comes along for the ride. 
 As their two hour drive to Bakersfield turns into an all day trip, El Apache, supposed drug-runner and murderer, plays equal parts of intimidating kidnapper and therapist to them, but what Sandra and Paloma don't know yet is that he's the best thing that could ever happen to them.