Alex Clavijo
Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Motel Paradise, Neon Angels, Black Magic

Andrea Lodovichetti
Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Adamo Palladino
Actor, Writer
Becoming Bond, Two and a Half Men, Friends

"Having Katherine come on board and help me polish Neon Angels and Motel Paradise was a huge help. She came up with ideas in less than a week and in less than six months both scripts were done. Neon Angels and Motel Paradise are being looked at by producers. After a great experience working with Katherine, we both came up with The Interpretation and now that feature script is off to Cannes. She brings creative ideas and lets your ideas be heard at the same time. Maybe that's why we work so well together. We have two new feature scripts coming soon, and I'm happy to say I found my writing partner."
"Katherine first came to my attention because of her script “Scavenger hunt for the dying” that my manager sent me out. After reading her script and talking with her, I asked Katherine to write a script based on a short novel I had written some time earlier. And again, she made a terrific job with that! Working with a screenwriter like Katherine was extremely beneficial to me, indeed. She has shown a rare dedication as she is an exceptionally talented writer and a good, loyal friend. I’m definitely proud to have had a professional relationship with her, and I know our collaboration won’t stop." 
"It's rare when you have the good luck of working with a writer that immediately gets it. Katherine VanPelt is that writer and more! It was such a pleasure working with her on a couple of television projects. She effortlessly transcribed my thoughts to paper with creativity and humor. I hope to have many more projects to work on with her in the near future as I'm sure her work calendar will be filling up rapidly."

Dena Hysell
Director, Producer

"I'll take a look at whatever Katherine touches."